Dear instructor:

You CAN have a website that shows who you are and gets you clients.

I'll help you book your fitness calendar and grow your community by creating a website based on who you are and what you do, so you can focus on your students.

If you want to talk and see what we can do together about your business,  just fill out the “Let's Begin” form.


You KNOW you’re an amazing fitness instructor.

You know your client's needs, one time you were just like them, so you understand every bit of their struggle and want to help them...but still you wonder " Why no one is booking my class? ".

That's why you're here - you know you need a website that will show who you are and will be easy for clients to book your class.

You struggle to put your words together and make a website that looks just the same as others.

I GET IT!  You start feeling like your website is a waste of your precious time :

You get confused with all the buttons you see in the editor of your website,  not knowing what exactly you're doing.

You feel stuck and can't move on with your program to help more people and grow your fitness business.

You keep feeling overwhelmed with all the different tutorials on the internet to learn how to make a website, not knowing what's good for you or not .

You don't feel like your hard work paid off, because you don't see any growth in your community.

It's not your fault, no one said you have to know all the things about websites and how to make them work - you're a fitness instructor.
You just need a little bit of help with your website
I can help you create a website that will make you and your students go WOOOW !

Why it's good to work with me.

I understand your struggle. I am a certified teacher and I know how hard it can be to take care of the students, but I also know how to make your students feel cared for and special - believe me, it's not that hard!! You don't have to feel like you need to please everybody, you can still be yourself and help others by doing what you know best.

I believe in clear communication and I care about your result. I'm not abandoning the ship when the problems occur - I'm here to solve them with you! I urge you to get to know each other, so I can put myself in your shoes and treat your business like my own.

Once we start working together, teaching in-person and online becomes easy and fun.

Your website can attract your dream clients and grow your business.

When you quit relying on social media platforms to grow your business and put your trust in me to create a website that supports your program, you can simply :

sit back and enjoy your coffee, because your calendar is booked out with students that trust in you and your program

forget about all the tech problems, because you always have contact with an expert who knows you and your needs

focus on growing your community and raising your prices

My design services are ideal for you if:

You are ready to have a website that shows who you truly are, so people can know how great it is to learn from you.

You help people improve their physical and mental health and show up as a confident instructor.

You want to spend your energy on your clients instead of all the tech problems.

You want to stand out from the crowd and be unique on social media, so your students can trust in your programs.

How it works
Brand Discussion

I ask you questions to get to know you, your business and what you do. We get clear on why you have your business and what direction we should take to improve it.

Web Design

I'll create your new website while you keep an eye on the entire process. We'll stay in touch the whole time so you can influence any changes.


I will teach you and show you how to use your new website and how to make any updates later. We'll publish your website and you can start sharing it with your students and the rest of the world!

Custom Website Package for Fitness Instructors
I offer one custom signature package that includes all you need for a new website that helps you grow your community and find new clients.
Custom Webflow or
Squarespace Website
I  create a website that helps your clients join your classes with ease and helps you grow your community.
Brand Design
I refresh or create your logo and choose your brand colors and fonts. You’ll have a unique brand that describes who you are.
I harmonize stock photos that are fully compatible with your brand to save your time for an image search.
I edit your photos, so you can feel like after a great photoshoot. You also get a discount for my Presets packages, you can use them on your social media to express your style.
I create a business strategy with you, so you're confident with your services and your plan for the future.
1 - on - 1 Webflow or
Squarespace Training
I walk you through your new website and make sure you're 100% comfortable with making updates by yourself.
Let's Begin !
Optional Signature Services
You can add those services to your new website package for an additional cost.
I will write all the words on your website so you can save your time for your programs and students. You can forget about bothersome emails from me about your content.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to be found easily by your future students and puts you up for the Google search with your fully responsive website.

How can we begin?

Eager to find out more so you can see if this is the right choice for you and your business? Fill out the form and find out!

I’ll send you a reply email within 1-2 business days, where I will ask a couple of questions so we can prepare to begin our work together.

Let's Begin Form


Which platform do you use to make websites?

I create my websites in Webflow or Squarespace, as I believe these are the best platforms to design custom websites and have the best user experience. They're also very compatible and easy to use once you learn them, but don't worry, if we work together I will walk you through that.

Who owns the content on my new website?

You, you aaaaaand YOU! When I transfer the website over to you, I also give you the intellectual property rights. So no worries, you own everything!

What if I have an existing website on a different platform than Webflow or Squarespace?

If you have doubts about Webflow or Squarespace and you have a domain you don't want to move from, we can discuss which platform I should use to build your website.

Do you offer ongoing support after the project is over?

Of course, no doubt about it!  At the end of our project, we can discuss how I can keep supporting you and your business, so you can focus on your students.

Are there any additional costs other than your web design services?

Webflow: Webflow offers two  site plans - the basic plan for $12 USD / month which is good for small, simple websites and the CMS plan for $16 USD /month, which is perfect for CMS-driven sites (CMS - Content Management System) like blogs etc. We can discuss which plan would be the best for you on our project call.

Squarespace: Squarespace offers a basic plan for $12 USD / month, but I would always recommend the business plan for $18 USD / month, which offers many more options than the basic plan. If you need an e-commerce website, there are two plans to choose from and I will do my best to advise you which plan is the right choice for your project.

Domain:  Any domain can be easily connected to Webflow or Squarespace. I personally use GoDaddy, but  prices vary depending on your chosen domain name.

GDRP Compliance and Privacy Policy: If you plan on getting people to sign up for your classes or freebies by providing their email addresses and names - this is a  legal requirement. I personally use Iubenda, which offers privacy policy, terms&conditions as well as cookie policies. Prices vary depending on your needs, but we can also discuss that on our call and choose the best option for you, so you'll feel legally safe.

How do I know we'll make a perfect fit to work together?

The best way to find out if we can get on is to book a FREE call with me. Just book a Teatime with Paulina call and we can have a 15-20 min chat.

What if I can't afford to work with you and to have a new website at the moment?

Investing in something new can be overwhelming, believe me, I know that very well!

Here's the thing: ask yourself - what if I could get new students faster and this way make my money back in a shorter time?

When your community is not growing and the students come and go easily instead of staying with you in a long term, you don't grow and you can't raise your prices. Competing in prices with other instructors is more time consuming and more expensive than actually investing in your future and making your website unique.

What if I'm not sure about investing in a new website?

Relying strictly on social media platforms can be tricky. It gives you quick access to your potential clients and keeps your students close, you might think, who's not using Instagram or Facebook nowadays right? Well, if you think that way, then I'm not sure if you're ready for your own website. HOWEVER! If you want to own all your content and stop wondering if you'll lose everything you've created so far, then a website is a great solution and an investment for you.

Do you offer payment plans or do I have to pay all at once?

Yes I do! For every project I split the payment into 3 parts: 30% deposit to book your space in my calendar, 35% at the beginning of the project, and 35% at the end when I deliver your website.

Where are you based?

I live in Japan which puts me in a JST time zone (UTC/GMT +9 h). Don't worry, the time zone is not a problem, no matter where we are, we can adjust our time schedules together. I work with clients from all over the world.

Can I use your services even if I'm not a fitness instructor?

Absolutely! Just because my main focus is to help the fitness instructor community, it doesn't mean I'm going to refuse help to anyone else for no reason. I'm open to working with anyone who would need my help. If you want to make sure we'll make a great team, fill in the Let's Begin form and I'll contact you soon.

When and how can we start?

I still have a few slots available in my calendar for mid September/October 2021 and I'd love to hear from you! Fill out the "Let's Begin" form and I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days with our next steps.

Have a website that shows how amazing you are and brings you more clients.

I'd love to help you to feel more confident with your business, so you can fully focus on what you do the best.

If you're ready, I'd be more than happy to create a website for you.

Fill out the "Let's Begin" form and I'll contact you soon.

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