As a fitness instructor, you help your students to become the best version of themselves.

You keep a balance between your own health and fitness struggles and your client's success - it doesn't have to be as hard as it seems.

I will help you to do that in an easy way, which saves your precious time. Let's get into it!

Websites take a long time to be made, so you rely on social media and other services to keep your clients together.

I see so many great fitness instructors struggling with websites on their own . You keep asking yourself the same questions over and over again:

Which platform should I use.

What should I say about my services and programs to be different than others but still be myself in it.

How can I keep my students coming to my class and have them staying in my community for longer.

You've made your website and pat yourself on the shoulder.

It took a very long time to learn from all the tutorials available on the internet but you finally made it - your first website. Congratulations! HOWEVER :

You feel like it doesn't describe who you really are.

It looks just like other fitness instructor's websites .

No one is signing up for your classes, so you start feeling overwhelmed.

Let's work it out.

Hi, I'm Paulina.

I create websites for fitness instructors just like you so you can focus on helping your students to become better versions of themselves.

I can help you:

Grow your community and have the best contact with your students.

Sign up new students who want to learn from you and workout with you.

Book out your calendar with classes.

Increase your prices and stop worrying about tomorrow.

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. My mom is a retired Physical Education (P.E.) high school teacher, so I've been doing sports since I remember. Fun fact, she was my teacher in high school too!

I've started teaching in an English Conversation School, where my youngest student was 2 years old and the oldest - 76 years old! And again I started making the same mistake - work became more important than my health and body.

In my childhood years, I would be playing around outside and doing sports almost every single day for hours. Once, my cousin and I with a group of friends organized a simulation of an Olympic Games just for fun. So you can tell I was into sports since the very beginning. And as life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, I met some difficulties on my fitness journey.

After 2 years of dealing with all the side effects of not eating properly and the lack of exercise, I said to myself - ENOUGH.
Being a teacher is really rewarding - you help people solve their problems and help them learn something they want to be better at. But it can not be done with the price of your own health.
You, as a fitness instructor, are doing the same, you change people's lives for the better, but if you put too many business responsibilities on yourself, you're going to burn out faster.

When I've started college, I was so focused on studying, that I forgot about all the fun moving your body brings. As an adult, you start dealing with more problems, so you stop noticing a lack of fitness in your life. I was that person at some point. My health started getting worse, I became more lethargic and I was making excuses of being too busy to workout.

One day I came across the pilates instructor - Cassey Ho, known as blogilates. And my perception of fitness has changed forever. Cassey has helped me get through a tough time with both my physical and mental health. Her workout videos brought back all the fun of fitness, which was always making me feel better and stronger.

I saw many fitness instructors struggling with their business, especially during the pandemic with COVID-19, unfortunately, many of them just give up on their passion for teaching. I know how important it is to move your body, that's why I want to help fitness instructors to have their business planed and intact, so they can move forward to help more people change their lives.
Owning a website is one of the tools to achieve that goal.

You have the strength to help people become healthier and happier. I'll help you to associate with your students so you can keep changing their lives.

After graduating college and becoming a certified teacher I moved to England for about 1,5 years, then to Japan to be with my husband. First I lived in Tokyo for about a year, then I moved to Niigata and settled down here ever since.

When we start working together to build your website, I will use a perfect combo of my skills as a web designer and my experiences as a teacher.
I've been captivated with design since I was a child, it has always been part of my life, either it was interior design, fashion, now websites, it's always close to me in one way or another.
Game Plan
I love playing games, especially strategic ones, either it's a board game or a video game I can spend hours until I find the best solution. Creating logical strategies for problem-solving is the key to great success.
Results delivery
I've been always helping my students to achieve their goals and to use their potential in the best possible way. I never give up until I can find a solution, so you can be sure you'll have my full attention if we work together.

A few things my friends know about me.

I come from a small town in Poland called Bolesławiec, but in 2017 I moved to Japan to be with my husband.

I'm a big big biiiig dog lover. Whenever I see a dog I get the biggest smile on my face. Hopefully, we can expand our family soon with a little pup.

I take pictures all the time. I love the idea of freezing the memory in a photo. I like to take pictures of nature the most. I used to attend a photographic school for some time. Here you can find my Presets.

If we work together, I'll make sure your website:

Is compatible with who you are as a fitness instructor.

It's easy to use, so your clients don't have a problem signing up for your classes.

Has a clear message about your programs and services.

Builds trust, so your clients can take an action to contact you.